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Highlights of Day 1: Street views from Colombo to Dambullah

The impression when first arrived at the international airport struck great resemblance to the Paro airport and Bangalore airport that I knew about 10 years ago, when you would meet whoever receiving you only after you stepped out of the airport. On the other hand, shops lined up along the way from immigration point to the baggage collection point. An interesting observation, most of the shops sell electronics like TV sets.

The roads were filled with tuk-tuks, very similar to Thailand!

Along the way, by stretches of road, there are shabby huts that service as stalls to sell fruits, toys, etc each stretch has its own theme. Amongst the fruit stalls, bananas and king coconuts are most common!

Along stretches of road, strings of blue ribbons cutting across the roads was a common sight. While lie predominates most of the stretches of road, there were once in a blue moon, other colours such as green and purple. According to the guide, the strings of ribbons showed the support that was given to the party that takes part in the upcoming presidential election on 9 January 2015.

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